How to Shoot Cum Farther & HARDER

It’s not uncommon for guys to dribble when they cum.  While that is a natural phenomena, having the ability to shoot your load further and with more power is not only good for the quality of your orgasm, it also helps with fertility! Not to mention it makes the ladies go wild.  One of the best ways to show your male prowess and stamina is to cum all over her, just like they do in the movies ;).

Usually, men are mostly interested in how to cum farther and harder for their own sexual gratification, but many women love a powerful load, too! It may have to do with the fact that more sperm are contained in a big load of semen – and a more powerful explosion with more volume is definitely going to increase fertility! Just picture your semen hitting her cervix!

How to Cum Farther & Avoid the Dribble

Men that can shoot their semen further will naturally feel like an Adonis — it’s a sure sign of stamina, dominance and masculine strength.  Evolutionary speaking, women love to see these characteristics in their men.

Luckily, shooting your semen farther can be learned:

  1. First, you need to produce more semen.  We’ll get to that below.
  2. Second, you need to strengthen your pelvic muscles (kegels)
  3. Third, it’s very important to increase the quality and hardness of your erections
  4. Lastly, with a stronger orgasm will bring with it a big cum load.

Now it should be fairly clear that the volume of your cum shot is most definitely linked with the distance that your can shoot your load!

Let’s move on to methods to increase your ejaculate volume.  These will include lifestyle changes, masturbation habit modification, diet modification, supplements, and exercises.

Kegels Will Improve Your Cum Shot Distance

Men with weak PC (pubococcygeus) muscles will have issues getting some distance on their nut. Luckily, we can remedy this weak muscle and help strengthen it over time by doing kegel exercises.  When men ejaculate, two sphincters surrounding the urethra (the tube that carries your urine and semen) contract.  These need to be strengthened to achieve optimum explosive power in the male orgasm.  Think about how you squeeze off an unfinished pee mid-stream.  It’s the same muscles you are tightening!

The bulbocavernosus muscle is located underneath your scrotum, in the perineum.  The contraction of this specific muscle is what allows a man to shoot (or not shoot) his cum.  The combination of strong pelvic muscles and a high volume load are the recipe we want.

One way to exercise this muscle is to practice edging when masturbating.  “Edging” is the practice of stopping yourself from ejaculating right before it happens.  This can be practiced while having a jerk-off session.  Try combining kegels with edging – flex your PC muscle when you know you are about to blow.  Exercise that thing.

Get More Horny To Blow Bigger Loads!

Most men know from experience: the more turned on you are, the more you cum! The easiest way to increase arousal is to reduce anxiety, increase foreplay time, and look at less porn.

Arousal is all in the mind. Of course it helps to be very attracted to your partner.  But if you haven’t bombarded your brain with lots of hardcore porn in a few days, you will notice arousal comes easier.  And as a byproduct, you will shoot bigger loads!

There are various methods to help with performance anxiety, including (a little) alcohol, marijuana, or male enhancement supplements like Volume Pills. It takes some experimentation to find out just the right cocktail to achieve a more intense erection and thus a more explosive and far reaching cum shot.

Perform Jelqing Exercises

Practice jelqing if you want to cum farther!  By knowing how to use your hands on your penis, you can using penis enlargement exercises like jelqing to help with control and erection quality.  With practice, you’ll be able to finish with raw explosive power.


Long Distance Cumshots With a Healthy Diet

As we’ve discovered, increasing your seminal fluid is a very important component of cumming farther.  There are several specific foods that contain just what your body needs to produce more semen.  These include nuts (cashews, macadeamia) that have high levels of zinc, which is important for cum production.  Avocados, eggs, spinach, and whole milk also have high levels of zinc.

To really amp it up, try a supplement like Volume Pills to produce more seminal volume more quickly.

Volume Pills Shoot Huge Loads of Cum

Avoid fast food and high saturated fat meals.  As they say, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, along with whole grains and leafy greens.  A healthy diet is of paramount importance and one of the best ways to cum farther.

And of course, exercise! Having high blood pressure is the enemy of hard erections.  Exercise will help keep your stress hormones in check, and, it will only help with bedroom confidence!  Knowing you can keep going and going will allow you to build up a cum shot to end all cum shots.

And stay hydrated!  Drink lots of water!

Frequently Asked Questions
How to shoot big loads of cum?

There are several effective methods to shoot big loads of cum. The most important factor is the volume of semen, and the strength of your erection, and strength of your PC muscles.